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About Us

We have been in business for over 55 years as Fremont's only 100% locally-owned community bank. We began our work in Fremont in 1956 and take pride in the role we have played in the growth of our community. Moreover, we are deeply grateful for the trust and support we have received from you, our Customer and Friend, over the past half-century.

The 21st century brings many new and exciting changes to the banking industry. We could promise you that the continued emergence of internet banking will help you manage your money and conduct your banking 24-7. We could also share that products like Health Savings Accounts could change the face of health care spending. First State's vision, however, remains constant... continue to provide you with the highest level of customer service, the latest technology and innovative products.

We would like to share with you that our commitment to making Fremont a progressive and caring place to live and raise a family is of paramount importance to the Board of Directors, Officers and Staff of First State Bank & Trust Company. We have an unwavering dedication to take excellent care of our customers. We also have a strong tradition of supporting the Fremont Community. Our bank associates continue to be the people who volunteer in community churches and schools, serve on area boards and committees and participate in the leadership of Fremont. You may see us building houses for Habitat for Humanity, supporting Legion baseball, volunteering at Linden Elementary School (our Partner-in-Education) or Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary School (our Corporate Companion), ringing bells for the Salvation Army, raising funds for the YMCA, encouraging the progress at Midland University or collecting hats and mittens for the Low Income Ministry. While it is impossible to represent all of the causes we care about, know that strengthening Fremont and its citizens is our focus.

Investing in Fremont... it's more than our tagline. It's what we at First State Bank & Trust will continue to live and believe in for the coming years.

Our History

First State Bank & Trust Company's Mission is to satisfy customers, guarantee quality products and provide professional service.

We are dedicated to helping families and businesses achieve their financial goals at Fremont's Financial Center, First State Bank & Trust Company!

  • 1955 - First State Bank Receives Charter
  • 1956 - Opens Doors For Business
  • 1966 - Assets Reach $3.24 Million
  • 1967 - Main Bank Facility Add 1,000 Square Feet
  • 1974 - Parkview Office at Military & William Opens
  • 1979 - Main Bank Facility Expands to Four Drive-In Lanes
  • 1986 - First State Bank Installs Fremont's First 24-Hour ATM
  • 1987 - First State Bank Becomes 100% Locally Owned - Assets: $30 Million
  • 1988 - Downtown Branch Opens
  • 1992 - Assets Reach $57 Million
  • 1992 - Main Bank Adds 5,500 Square Feet
  • 2000 - Walmart In-Store Bank Opens
  • 2001 - First State Bank Adds Trust Services
  • 2001 - First State Bank & Trust Co. Adds 28,800 Square Feet
  • 2001 - Assets Reach $130 Million
  • 2002 - First State Bank & Trust Co. Adds Leasing Services
  • 2002 - NetFirst Online Banking Unveiled
  • 2004 - First State Bank & Trust University is Introduced
  • 2005 - First State Bank & Trust Dedicates James H. Moore Jr. Board Room in Honor of Jim's 50 Years of Service to the Bank
  • 2006 - First State Bank & Trust Co. Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Fremont
  • 2008 - Assets Reach $180 Million
  • 2009 - Bank Receives ICBA National Community Bank Service Award for Financial Literacy
  • 2009 - Linden Elementary Public School Bank in School Opens
  • 2010 - Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary School Bank in School Opens
  • 2013 - First State Bank & Trust Company Begins Providing In-House Investment Services and Launches First State Financial Services.

Directors, Shareholders, & Officers

Meet our Directors and Shareholders
  • Blake Dillon
  • Sidney R. Dillon
  • William F. Dugan
  • Randall L. Eikmeier
  • Jerald D. Hendrickson
  • Charles P. Johannsen
  • Ronald D. Kranz
  • John L. Larsen
  • David C. Mitchell
  • James H. Moore, Jr.
  • Travis L. Nelson
  • Dale E. Olson
  • Leslie B. Shallberg
  • Jeff J. Wilmes
Meet Our Officers
  • Pam England
  • Dan Isaac
  • Chuck Johannsen
  • Jill Marquardt
  • Tim Militti
  • Ronda Niehaus
  • Kristy Pafford
  • Sandy Roemer
  • Cindy Slykhuis
  • Ron Spahni
  • Nick Vrba
  • Ron Weaklend
  • Shelley Winter

Giving Program

First State Bank & Trust Company is committed to community organizations that educate or enrich the lives of those in the Fremont community.

First State Bank & Trust Co. is proud to be a responsible corporate citizen, and good friend to the community. We take the community in community banking seriously. We focus donations and sponsorships on organizations that directly affect the community we serve, positively impact low-and-moderate income populations, impact youth, provide opportunities for employee/officer involvement, show high likelihood of success and/or are focused on community development or redevelopment activities.

We do not typically make contributions to individuals, government agencies, political organizations, campaign causes or candidates.

We receive hundreds of requests for donations per year. As that number steadily grows, to ensure that we continue our tradition of community involvement, and to comply with Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations, we have established a set of guidelines.

Giving Opportunities

Monetary Donation or Sponsorship

We focus donations and sponsorships on locally based non-profit organizations that directly affect the community we serve, positively impact low-and-moderate income populations, impact youth, provide for employee/ officer involvement, show high likelihood of success and/or are focused on community development or redevelopment activities. Thirty days advance notice requested.

In-Kind Donations

We make in-kind donations of merchandise and logo items for non-profit events. Thirty days advance notice requested.


While we're proud to be able to support our local community organizations financially, we believe that in order to make a community really shine, volunteering is a necessity. If your organization needs a little extra help, let us know.

Facility Usage

We make our facilities available to non-profit organizations looking for meeting space or who would like to display fundraising materials in our lobbies. Subject to availability.

Financial Education Program.

Could your organization benefit from our financial education program? Employee volunteers reach diverse community groups and based on your needs will teach a variety of topics, from the basics of checking accounts and credit reports to fraud prevention and scams.

How to Apply

To apply for support from our Community Giving Program, please download the application, specifying for which giving opportunities your organization is interested in applying. In addition to the application, supporting documentation may also be submitted.

Please submit your completed application to:

Cindy Slykhuis
First State Bank & Trust Co.
PO Box 549
Fremont, NE 68026-0549
Or Fax: 402-727-4093

If the bank is unable to grant a request, we will make every effort to notify the organization in writing. For questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Cindy Slykhuis at

Please note: We are unable to accept any requests verbally.